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D.V.Melvin & Sons is a family firm of experienced, fully qualified electricians based in Putney since being established in 1960.

We provide a high quality electrical service from the smallest repair to the largest rewire. When you hire our services, you can count on us for the results you want and need.

We operate a 'call-out' system as we believe the second and subsequent hours must always be cheaper than the first, so beware the 'No Call-Out Charge' advert.

Our rates are £84.00 for first hour on site in the SW15 area and £74.00/hour thereafter. Parking charges are not included in these rates as many of our customers have either off street parking or visitors' permits.

Our communication channels are always open—our relationship with our clients begins on the first day of contact.

Get in touch today or pop in to our office in Putney Bridge Road and discover the advantage of working with

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Usually in a domestic environment, the most important part of the installation is the circuit protection, ie the Consumer Unit or Fusebox back at the main intake. If yours is more than ten years old, it is likely to need replacing.

To fully comply with regulations, residual current protection has to be installed for almost all circuits and this is usually done by one of two methods:

  1. A new Split Board Consumer Unit having two main RCDs (residual current device) each protecting several circuits.

  2. A new ordinary Consumer Unit with an RCBO (residual current breaker with overload) for each circuit.

Either option will of course give the required residual current protection but the second provides dedicated protection, so when, not if, a fault occurs on a circuit, ONLY that circuit will trip. We strongly recommend option 2 if budget allows.

There are several shortcuts that contractors can make when replacing a fusebox so please be wary. It is very important that you receive an Installation Certificate with a Schedule of Test Results and a Part P certificate assuring compliance with the Building Regulations. You should also receive a full and precise circuit list, not just sticky labels showing ‘sockets’ and ‘lights’.


A significant part of our work is repairs and fault finding. Each one of our electricians has many years’ experience of domestic installations which is a huge advantage when it comes to locating and repairing faults.

Unfortunately, most of the electrical problems nowadays are due to shoddy and sub-standard work, typically carried out in the last twenty years. We have found an alarmingly high percentage of new electrical installations in extensions, kitchens, loft conversions and conservatories to be poor, yet the original electrics in the rest of the property, completely acceptable. Even some manufacturers of electrical accessories have a lot to answer for – cheap and sometimes unsafe imitations readily available on the market.

We only use top quality materials and accessories.

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The maintenance cost of a good internal domestic installation should be quite low especially now with the new LED lighting available. However, maintenance of an exterior installation, garden lighting for example, is ongoing.

Without doubt, no matter how good a garden lighting system, there will be problems with water ingress somewhere along the line. Garden systems should always be installed with easy access to all junctions and terminations, allowing for quick efficient repairs when a fault occurs. Please be wary of this if you are designing a lighting project for your garden.

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275 Putney Bridge Rd, London SW15 2PT.

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